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Work in Progress

Work in progress: A recent shot of a house we designed on Bowen Island, well under construction. The house has a few features that make it ‘pop’. The eaves are big–really big–on this side of the house, which is exposed to sun and wind on this waterfront site. They will block strong summer sun in the summer, but allow lower angled winter sun to enter the house in the winter. Because the eaves are so extensive, they become a very prominent design feature of the house–they feature exposed timbers and timber decking. The timbers are 3×12 Douglas Fir, stained a dark colour. The timbers are sistered up to conventional light wood framing though, and only exposed at the eaves.

This ‘hybrid’ timber solution gives the look and feel of a robust timber framed house, but uses timbers selectively for the most impact. The siding is 1×4″ tongue and groove cedar, with a very clean, flush profile. The windows are metal-clad wood (by Kolbe). We chose them so that the owners could enjoy the beauty of wood windows on the interior, while having a very low maintenance metal clad window on the exterior. The windows came with an integral brick-mould trim, so the wood siding simply butts up against the the metal trim. It makes for a slower siding installation, but the result is very clean and uncluttered. More on the interior of the house in future blogs…..

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