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Forest Studio


Project: Forest Studio

This compact building was designed as a studio, but can also easily be converted to a small livingspace. It is officially an ‘accessory building’ and in most municipalities, would be called a coach house, or infill house. The design intention was to keep the overall building form simple–it is a rectangle in plan—-but to give it some pop by vaulting the ceiling, and adding 2 dramatic shed dormers on opposite sides of the roof. Windows are used strategically to capture light—very important on this heavily forested lot. The east dormer captures morning sunlight, the west dormer afternoon sunlight. Eight foot high patio doors add some drama, and give a strong visual connection to the patio. The siding is cedar, stained a custom colour reminiscent of creosoted dock pilings or railway ties. The windows are clear anodized aluminum, with custom aluminum flashings for exterior trim. Contractor: Elaho Construction

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