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Britannia Lodge

Project: Britannia Lodge, Vancouver (project architect in conjunction with prime consultant Karl Gustavson Architect)
Contractor: Tritan Construction Ltd.

Britannia Lodge is a residential mental health facility located in East Vancouver. It provides a supportive, supervised, full-time home for people living with mental disabilities such as schizophrenia. The original building was completed in the 1980’s and provided space for 45 residents as well as support staff. Vancouver Coastal Health approached the owners to consider expanding the lodge to accommodate a further 20 residents. The owners purchased the neighbouring property, which included a designated heritage house, and we rezoned the property, negotiated some complex building code equivalencies, restored the heritage house, and added onto the facility for a total building size
of 21,000 sq ft.

The new heritage wing provides a non-institutional and home-like character, with many of the original features such as curved glass windows and wood flooring left in place.

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Colour rendering courtesy of Won Kang.