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Bellevue Tower

Project: Bellevue Tower, West Vancouver (KGA Inc prime consultant)

This proposed mid-rise residential tower is to be located on a prominent West Vancouver site, on Bellevue Avenue. The street level has commercial spaces, and there are 2 levels of parking, with 5 floors of residential units above. The site has great solar access as well as views south over the ocean towards Point Grey. The tower is serrated in plan so that all units have access to south light and views, but also to ‘lighten’ the building massing for properties upslope. Large folding doors give all units access to large outdoor decks/patios, and roofs are extensively landscaped. Units at the uppermost floor will have access via a small mezzanine level to rooftop patios. A combination of exposed concrete, stone cladding, and metal paneling clothe the building. We are targeting LEED silver.

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